Chef Fred's Heirloom Tomato Salad


1 medium sized heirloom tomato for each serving of salad 

TIP – Keep tomatoes at room temperature, chilling tomatoes can affect their flavor.

¼ of a medium sized sweet onion for every 3-4 tomatoes, cut into very thin slices to taste

1 ounce of arugula for every 3-4 tomatoes

1/8 cup (about an ounce) blue cheese

Thyme infused honey

This is easy to make.  Use approximately 1 sprig of thyme to 1 tbs of honey and warm in a pot until it boils.  Immediately remove from heat.  The more “thyme” you add, and the more “time” you let the mixture steep, the deeper the herb flavor. 

extra virgin olive oil, to taste             

sherry vinegar, to taste                       

sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste


1.  Prep tomatoes by slicing and dicing (depending on tomato shape) and mix in oil and vinegar (use 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar), enough to coat tomatoes and let sit for at least 10 minutes.

2. Prep blue cheese by bringing to room temperature and drizzling with the thyme infused honey.

Now, be artistic!  Have fun and assemble the salad based on your personal tastes.  Combine tomatoes and onion, and toss with arugula in the same bowl.  Plate and sprinkle with blue cheese mixture, and add salt and pepper to taste.