Potato and Onion

Perhaps the most versatile vegetable in the world, our selection of potatoes is unrivaled. Specific varieties are grown for baking, frying and mashing, and for both sweet and savory dishes.

The team at the Anthony Marano Company has spent four generations building relationships with the best family growers and packers of potatoes, yams, and onions so that our customers are guaranteed unparalleled quality and consistency.  

Products available in the Potato Department are shown below.  Contact us today for more information!

Sweet Potato
Sweet Onions
Russet Potatoes
White Onion
White Potatoes
Yellow Onions
Yellow Potatoes
Fingerling Potatoes
Mixed Medley Fingerling Potatoes
Purple Potatoes
Red Garnet Sweet Potato
Red Onion
Red Potatoes
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