Chef Fred's Pomegranate and Star Anise Scented Poached Pears


6-12 pears (6 large or 12 small size)
Any kind of pear will work for this wonderful recipe but Chef Fred recommends Forella for the best taste and results (a crisp pear works best).

1 lb (about 3-4 pomegranates) pomegranate arils

1 quart white wine

2 cups sugar

2 quarts water

4-5 star anise


Mix water, sugar, white wine, star anise, and pomegranates and bring to a boil in a non-reactive pot (non-aluminum).

Peel pears and scoop out bottom to core (or slice in half and scoop out seeds if using a larger pear).

Turn temperature down to a simmer and add pears. 

Use clean white towel or dinner plate to place on top of pears to make sure they stay submerged in liquid.

Cook until pears are just turning tender.  Check pears starting at 10 minutes of cook time.

Remove pears and let cool. 

Strain liquid, use to store pears or serve right away!

These pears are amazing served with ice cream or pound cake.

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